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Assurance of A High-Performance Marketer

Binding together all his extensive experience, Peter Rodriguez, CM, a high-performance marketer, shares why the designation is important to him and the overall marketing profession. WHY A DESIGNATION IS NEEDED FOR MARKETING Our profession needs to have a designation of the Chartered Marketer stature for many reasons. Firstly, it sets standards of quality and ethical

Emboldening Future Marketing Leaders

An avid learner, Stephen Brown, CM, endeavours to embolden future marketing leaders with his pursuit of the CM designation. Answering the Chartered Marketer Call Today’s market is incredibly complex and ever-changing and so, it’s critical our industry remains ahead of the curve from a knowledge perspective. I always look to and lean on the CMA

A Marketer’s Responsibility & Career Development

According to Baijul Shukla, MBA & CM, the designation is vital to the career development of future marketers. He foresees Chartered Marketers of the future bringing credibility and relevance to the marketing profession. BUILDING CREDIBILITY AND RELEVANCE As business leaders, holding individuals to higher standards ensures the marketing profession continues to excel. For me, it

Commitment to Skill Development

A strong commitment to skill development and continued professional growth is what pushes Luke Moore, CM, forward with his designation. Tying together a marketing education and career I first heard about the Chartered Marketer designation at the former agency I worked at during the program’s initial launch. The agency was very involved with the CMA

Connecting Professional Associations

Navigating across professional associations is what Miglena Nikolova excels in and with the CM designation, she’s connected even further in the industry. Concrete Marketing Credentials Having worked in the financial services sector for a big chunk of my career, I know firsthand the importance of having a professional designation. Although I have an MBA and

Defining An Evolving Marketing Skillset

For Jason Egbuna, CM, finding the ideal designation to tie into his marketing skillset included factoring in how the marketing profession evolves. The CM designation approach is exactly that.  What It Means Having a Designation It was important for me to earn my CM designation because I see it as a designation for today’s marketer.

Marketing Equals Business Success

Strong marketers have a keen sense of how to impact business success. Chris Brockbank, a Chartered Marketer, reflects on how the CM designation develops this innate skill.  Comparing Career Paths Being in the marketing profession for over twenty-five years, I truly believed that it required a formal designation centred around marketing standards and a code

Marketing Experience & Commitment

Within Dhaval Vediya’s impressive marketing experience, embracing new challenges has always been invigorating and monumental. Approaching the CM designation with the same enthusiasm, he shares how achieving his CM designation has shaped his career so far. Encompassing Your Marketing Experience In my opinion, Canadian marketers waited too long to get something like the Chartered Marketer

Upholding the Marketing Profession

Hear from Santo Ligotti, a fellow Chartered Marketer, who is determined to strengthen the marketing profession with CM values and best practices.  Validating the Marketing Profession The function of marketing as a whole is such an important driver of company success at all levels and across all departments. The Chartered Marketer designation provides a recognized

Setting High Marketing Standards

Driven to uphold excellent marketing standards, Elizabeth Naumovski describes how the Chartered Marketer designation impacts her career. Attaining credibility with a CM designation I work in the financial industry where everyone has an acronym that pertains to professional credentials such as CFA, MBA, CFP, and PM. Having the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation has given me