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Great Career Shifts, Great Marketing Impacts

07 Jan
CM Spotlight Banner-Roshni Wijayasinha

Every career shift presents an opportunity and for Roshni Wijayasinha CM, she found her passion as a marketing consultant. With her designation, she’s found credibility that backs up her impressive marketing impacts.

Certifying Years of Marketing Experience

I started my career on the agency side and soon moved over to working in-house at some of the largest global technology companies — Microsoft and Sony. Loving tech but wanting to get more hands-on, I decided to try my hand at start-up marketing. This career shift is where I could be responsible for larger portfolios, a profit and loss statement, an entire marketing team and program.

Roshni Wijayasinha, CM, giving a presentation while holding papers.Since then, I’ve worked with growing start-ups that have attained over nine-figure investment rounds and started my own marketing consulting practice, Prosh Marketing. At Prosh, we help growing companies build their marketing teams and strategies. After becoming the lead consultant and Fractional CMO at a number of start-ups, I decided to apply for the CM designation to gain more credibility as a marketing leader. The CM designation has been a great way to certify my marketing expertise and differentiate myself from other marketers in the field.

What attracted me to the designation was that it is offered by the Canadian Marketing Association. Having this designation be recognized nationally makes it unique and a strong accreditation for a Canadian marketer. Within the marketing profession, having such a program helps differentiate a marketer’s level of experience and working knowledge from others who simply claim to have the required skills and industry experience.

Being recognized as a Chartered Marketer

The CM program and designation is much more specialized than many business programs, and more advanced than other marketing programs. I find what resonates the most is that it’s a designation that signifies your skills are current as CM’s must commit to continual professional development and work within the community to maintain their accreditation.

Because of this required professional development, I am able to structure and measure my professional growth plan across a number of different areas: such as self-directed learning, courses with exams, teaching, mentoring and keeping up to date with the latest marketing news and trends.

Roshni Wijayasinha, CM, smiling and typing on laptop.What’s been interesting to me since becoming a Chartered Marketer is that people outside the marketing profession are interested in what the CM designation represents. Specifically, clients inquire about what it means and it seems to give me additional credibility with potential leads.

Thought Leaders of Tomorrow

The CM offers an effective and practical toolkit for future marketing leaders to become thought leaders, grow into senior positions within organizations or even spin out on their own. The continual education and professional development components are key to ensuring ongoing growth among marketing leaders. Chartered Marketers maintain relevancy, keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and in turn, grow more future marketing leaders through their work, mentorship and involvement in the community.

Being involved with the CMA community has been uplifting for my career and network. Many influential figures in Canada’s marketing community are involved with the CMA and have the CM designation. Being a part of this group is truly an honour. For marketers looking to differentiate themselves and move to the next level in their careers, I highly recommend the CM program.

Roshni Wijayasinha
CEO, Fractional CMO
Prosh Marketing

Roshni Wijayasinha, CM, is a trusted marketing leader and startup advisor and mentor. 

Ready to become a Chartered Marketer?



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