Shaping Future Marketing Leaders

01 Apr

As the Head of Marketing for Cisco Canada and a member of the Forbes Council, Seye Oloruntoba CM, shares her perspective on investing in yourself with the CM designation and becoming a Chartered Marketer.

It’s not Just a Badge

I have spent most of my career in high-tech marketing organizations with companies like IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, and Google, developing marketing strategies, leading teams, managing transformations, and delivering outcome-based campaigns. When I moved to Canada, I decided to join the CMA Chartered Marketer program to develop my network further and support the growth of marketing professionals around me. Once I acquired my CM designation, I continued to expand my network while mentoring young professionals.


I believe the CM designation recognizes and validates the knowledge and abilities experienced marketers have acquired. Over the years, the marketing profession has evolved from a sales support function to a route to market for an organization to deliver tangible, measurable business outcomes. The CM provides an industry-standard seal of approval for Marketers to validate their skills and capabilities. It’s not just a badge; it’s a right you earn from years of learning and performing exceptional work as a marketing professional.

I’m a Veteran, but I’m Still Learning

My personal use of the CM status has mainly been on my LinkedIn profile. I find it valuable when clients or colleagues read about my career journey and recognize I have placed a high value on my professional learning and development. The investments you make say a lot about you, and I want mine to say, “I’m a veteran, but I’m still learning.” The CM status is a fantastic feather to add to your cap. If you choose to get it, be sure to wear it proudly. When I speak with my mentees, I encourage them to pursue their CM designation. If you want to build a career in this profession, you need an industry-endorsed program that combines learning and hands-on experience.

I’m always happy to support and sponsor marketers on my team to achieve their CM status. The CM designation helps shape future marketing leaders because it provides a baseline understanding of skills that a marketer brings to your team as a leader. It’s also a great way to upskill others who may be moving into the profession without a marketing background. The CM designation also keeps you up to date on new ways to market and the changes happening within the profession.

Perspectives, Support and Learning in Motion

Seye Oloruntoba CM, is a global marketing leader, creative thinker, author and Forbes Council member.

The CMA brings you closer to a community of marketers with whom you can engage in conversations about the profession and the uniqueness of working within the Canadian market. It was enlightening to connect with others in the field who had been in Canada for a more extended period to share perspectives around work and leverage the CMA’s support and resources. As a Chartered Marketer, I enjoy reading the Top Five Picks newsletter. It summarizes the essential articles to read on specific topics from the different marketing experts’ points of view. Last year one of my articles was featured as a Top Five Pick.



Every Marketer should be on a continuous growth path in this dynamic profession that requires you to be creative and strategic. It’s been a great experience being a part of this community and watching how its resources support Marketers’ successes across Canada.

Seye Oloruntoba
Head of Marketing
Cisco Canada


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