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A few years ago, CMA, a leading experienced provider of marketing professional development, in Canada, identified an opportunity to create a new program and designation for today’s emerging marketers. The marketing profession was the only profession that did not have a post-graduate program of applied knowledge and skills leading to a professional designation. Third-party research affirmed that the industry highly desired a new standard in marketing knowledge and practices and that CMA should be the organization to develop and offer this new rigorous program and designation. The Canadian Marketing Association is now transforming the marketing landscape by offering the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation.

In order to equip marketers with the credentials and experience to obtain the designation, the CM program was designed in collaboration with leading industry experts and educators. The two-year, online program covers a broad range of topics from proposition development, financial management, campaign development, marketing technologies, and more. The CM curriculum is comprehensive and immersive, offering unequaled opportunity for learners to engage with the content, with each other, and with the team of instructors. CM graduates and designation holders will have the knowledge and the tools required by top employers to be both well-rounded marketers and business thinkers, and demonstrate their commitment to staying current with their professional development.

To date, more than 275 marketing leaders have received or applied for the CM designation, under a limited-time senior marketer path which closed December 31, 2018.