The CM designation is long overdue

11 Jul

Mick Kopis CM, the Global Marketing Director at Protech Group, believes marketing is always changing which is why a designation for marketers in Canada is long overdue.


Having acquired a master’s and bachelor’s degree in marketing, I have taken on various leadership roles which have enabled me to build marketing strategies for businesses from the ground up. While building these strategies, at times, it felt redundant to fall back on the knowledge I was given nearly a decade ago. Aside from podcasts and webinars, what I was really looking for was a tangible way to update my skills to stay current in the world of marketing which is always changing.


The CM designation is long overdue In my opinion, having the Chartered Marketer designation after your name is a great ice breaker. More importantly, I think a designation for marketers in Canada is long overdue. From accountants and engineers to pharmacists and finance professionals, amongst others, each has its own accreditation which enables them to receive standardized training governed by consistent rules and ethics. I think the Chartered Marketer designation is a clever and ingenious way to unite marketing professionals across the country.


I use the CM designation in my personal email signature, on my LinkedIn profile, and during any public speaking opportunity. As it is such a new designation, people who have not heard about the Chartered Marketer program are intrigued and curious. The CM designation provides holders with a great opportunity to spread the word about the program and its benefits.


The CM designation helps marketers stay up to date with the latest trends and technology. What resonates with people the most is that the designation isn’t a one-shot deal. Although the two-year program is quite an accomplishment, holders are required to stay involved with the community through various marketing-related skill-building endeavours, in order to retain the designation. This is what makes the program and designation unique and what makes it stand out.


Aside from sharing best practices, tips and tools, the CM designation includes an ethical component, we are required to follow. This ensures Chartered Marketers always adhere to best practices, and ensure our consumers realize the benefits.


The CM designation is long overdue
Mick Kopis CM is a brand architect, growth hacker and digital transformation specialist

Being part of the CM community is an opportunity to get to know marketers throughout Canada. While we may share similar marketing techniques, consumer behaviour can vary quite significantly from one province to another. In my opinion, it’s fun collaborating with people from various industries. Sometimes those with the least experience surprise you with remarkably clever ideas and strategies.

Mick Kopis CM
Global Marketing Director
Protech Group



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