Curriculum of the Chartered Marketer Program - CMA

Chartered Marketer Curriculum

Prep Course & Entrance Exam

The Chartered Marketer Prep course is the mandatory first step to participation in CMA’s two-year Chartered Marketer program. The Prep course is a self-directed, move-at-your-own-pace course adapted from McGraw-Hill’s 2018, “Marketing” textbook. 

The course uses an electronic version of the textbook, with videos, interactive exercises, current case studies and examples to give learners a comprehensive overview of marketing today. This will place learners on equal footing as they move into the interactive, collaborative CM program. 


Applied Marketing Core 1

• Understanding the Customer (Insights, Data Science, Research)

• Strategic Thinking for Marketers (Opportunity Sizing, Value Proposition Development, Market Planning)

• Brand Strategy (Perception, Values, Voice & Positioning)


Applied Marketing Core 2

• Financial Management for Marketers (P&L, Margin Management, Pricing)

• Measurement & Analytics (KPIs, Metrics in Digital & Traditional)

• Effective Campaign Development


Applied Marketing Core 3

• Communications Planning (Messaging Hierarchies, User Experience, Formats)

• Building Integrated Campaigns (Media & Content, Channel Selection, Optimization, Automation)

• Marketing Technologies & Emerging Trends


Specialization Elective

Initial Electives will align with all CMA Councils:

• Martech

• B2B

• Customer Experience

• Not for Profit

• Media

• Customer Insight & Analytics

• Brand Strategy


Summit Project/Case

• Individual Assignment – will use specialization elective to determine case study brief topic & role in group

• Group Assignment – a team response to immersive case study written and in presentation to “CMO/Sr. Exec” and grading panel

• Soft skills; active listening, presentation skills, negotiating, etc.

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