The Chartered Marketer (CM) designation, developed by the Canadian Marketing Association and validated by the industry, sets a new standard for marketing professionals.


The CM designation is the credential that will recognize your experience and qualifications as a marketer and demonstrate your commitment to stay current with continuing professional development (CPD).

Why Choose the CM Program?

The online courses are designed by Canada’s leading industry professionals with experience in both marketing and education.
 Bridges diverse course content with innovative online teaching methods. Learn crucial soft skills, increase confidence, and boost your agility.
Get your CM designation while working full-time in the industry. Join professionals who are changing the marketing landscape.

Ready to invest in your marketing career?

Industry Leader Testimonials

I think the CM Program is one way for those folks who are trying to build those fast-paced careers to have a fast career not only within a company, but across an entire profession. “


Fab Dolan
Head of Marketing


My personal tenet as a leader is to make sure we do the basics brilliantly. And in many marketing careers and career paths, you don’t always encounter a full suite of training and experiences and so the CM Designation will expose people to those things and give them an opportunity to understand how to perform marketing at multiple levels across multiple facets of marketing. “


Rob Assimakopoulos
Chief Marketing Officer


The Chartered Marketing designation will be a really powerful filer to use. For me, those resumes will probably go to the top of my pile, or will certainly be one of the filters that we’ll use to identify the best and brightest candidates. The person that’s taken the time to achieve the CM Designation is someone that we’ll know is passionate about marketing, is engaged in marketing, and will be someone we’ll want to talk to. “


Peter Furnish
VP Marketing


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