Program Eligibility

Post-secondary education

  • Graduation from an accredited Canadian university or college with a 2 or 3 year diploma, or degree.
  • Post-secondary education from outside of Canada may be accepted when submitted alongside a WES equivalency (contact for more info) *
  • Submission of official transcripts or WES needed before entering Applied Marketing Core 3 of the CM program.
  • CMS designation holders can receive advanced standing into the program (see details below)

Completion of at least 1 marketing and 1 business course

  • From an approved university or college
  • (OR) at least 2 marketing courses from an accredited university or college
  • (OR) 2 CMA certificate courses (International courses must be accompanied by a WES equivalency) *

1 year of Canadian work experience in a marketing role

  • Must be verifiable with a reference letter.
  • One year of marketing experience needs to be in a full-time role that’s primary function is marketing focused, in Canada.

*Applicants will need to verify their post-secondary education and additional courses before entering Applied Marketing Core 3 by either providing a WES report (international studies), or an official transcript (domestic studies).

For additional program information and/or any questions about your eligibility please contact us.

Advanced Standing


CMS Designation Holders

In recognition of the professional development you have already learned through taking the certificate courses, Certified Marketing Specialistâ„¢ Designation holders may enter the Chartered Marketer program at Applied Marketing Core 3.

You must submit an application (please indicate in the education section that you have earned your CMS)

Contact us for further details on advanced standing*.

*Previously, the CMA offered a Certified Marketing Specialist (CMS) Designation which has been discontinued. The designation required the completion of all five certificate courses which we now offer individually. If you previously enrolled in the Certified Marketing Specialist (CMS) Designation program, you have until December 31, 2023 to complete any outstanding requirements.

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