Frequently Asked Questions

Prep Course

To be eligible for entry into the Chartered Marketer program an individual must meet the following academic requirements:

  • • 1 year of marketing experience
  • • Graduation from an accredited Canadian university or college with a diploma or degree
  • • Completion of at least 1 marketing and 1 business course from an accredited Canadian university or college (includes courses from post-graduate studies and continuing education), or
  • - 2 marketing courses from an accredited Canadian university or college (includes courses from post-graduate studies and continuing education), or
  • - 2 CMA certificate courses, or
  • - A combination of the above resulting in 2 prerequisite courses (example: 1 marketing course from continuing education at a Canadian college/university and 1 CMA certificate course)

Once payment for your application is received, you can be enrolled into the prep course within 24-48 hours. You will not be accepted into the program or have the ability to enrolled in Applied Marketing Core 1 until your official transcript has been received by CMA and payment for Applied Marketing Core 1 has been made by the enrolment deadline.

  • The Chartered Marketer Prep course is the mandatory first step to participation in CMA’s two-year Chartered Marketer program. The Prep course is a self-directed, move-at-your-own-pace course adapted from McGraw-Hill’s 2018, “Marketing” textbook. 
  • The course uses an electronic version of the textbook, with videos, interactive exercises, current case studies and examples to give learners a comprehensive overview of marketing today. This will place learners on equal footing as they move into the interactive, collaborative CM program.

The prep course will be offered approximated three times a year.

The modules do not have to be done in any specific order. We do recommend that you complete the modules sequentially, for best result. However, you MUST complete all module quizzes and the final exam.

You would need a minimum of 50 % on the final exam, and an overall grade of 60% to pass the course.

Learners have two attempts to pass the final exam. Should they not pass after 2 attempts they are encouraged to contact CMA.

Once enrolled in the prep course CMA will send you login details and course details prior to the schedule prep course start date.

The course is 6 modules in total, which can be completed at the learner’s own pace. The course will take a learner approximately is 4-6 hours to complete each module including the quizzes.

No, learners do not need to purchase a textbook.

Administrative Assistance
Keyorah Leith  
Coordinator, Chartered Marketer Program
Phone: 416-644-3761

Course Content Questions
Stephen Ghigliotty
Director, Curriculum Development
Phone: 416.644.3759

Yes, the prep course is offered online and so is the final exam.

Yes, the prep course exam is offered online.

Chartered Marketer Program

This program is intended for working professionals to be a part-time professional development program. Each course requires 4-8 hours per week of course work to ensure it is achievable for those working full-time.

At this time, we are only accepting candidates from an accredited Canadian university or college with a diploma or degree.

Payment for each course needs to made in full a week prior to the course start date that you are enrolled in.

In extenuating circumstances, a deferment may be requested. Requests for deferment should be made in writing (email is acceptable) stating reasons why a deferment should be granted. All deferment requests must be received prior to the start of week 5. Students may only defer to the next available semester.

Using online sharing tools and resources (i.e. DropBox, Email, etc.), you will have to work remotely with your group members that will be assigned by the facilitator. Your facilitator will organize this through the online learning platform.

You can enter the program already meeting the 3-year work experience requirement. You can also earn it during the program or after completing the program. You will not receive the CM designation until you have earned the necessary work experience.

CPD Requirements

CPD Stands for Continuing Professional Development, and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals participate in to develop and enhance their abilities. See link for more detail:

Chartered Marketers must earn a total of 60 credits over a three-year cycle. Not earning fewer than 15 credits per year.

  • Structured, relevant learning that includes a formal assessment (e.g. an exam)
  • Relevant learning with no formal assessment
  • Marketing leadership
  • Self-directed learning
  • Researching and writing
  • Community participation
See link for more detail:

You will be required to start obtaining CPD credits in the calendar year following the year in which you are awarded the designation. CMs will be permitted to bring forward any credits earned during the gap between achieving the designation and the next calendar year.

  • The online CPD log is where you will have to log your credits, to ensure that as a CM you will remain competent to practice your profession by participating in lifelong learning that helps you remain current in the rapidly changing profession of marketing.
  • Participating in logging your CPD credits, deepens your professional competencies; and, exposes you to emerging issues in marketing, business and the broader social context.
See link for more detail:

Yes, CMA will audit a percentage of Chartered Marketers to ensure submitted logs are truthful and accurate.

CMA’s CPD requirement may result in suspension of your Chartered Marketer designation until the requirement is met.

Your completed log should be submitted at the end of each year prior to December 31, during the 3-year cycle.

Total of 60 credits over a three-year cycle.

Yes, however, CMA will account for the first 60 credits earned.

No, except in cases of CMs in their first year.

For additional program information and any questions please contact us