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As a Chartered Marketer, you have agreed to comply with the Code of Conduct for Professional Marketers, and will be asked to confirm this each year on renewal.

Using Your Chartered Marketer Designation

The information below is intended to provide guidance to Chartered Marketers (CMs) as awarded by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) regarding their use of the CM designation. The use of the CM designation is not regulated; however, the CMA strongly recommends that CMs abide by these guidelines for consistency.

Use of the “CM” Initials in Signatures
  • Chartered Marketers may add CM to the end of their names as follows:
  • The use of a comma between your name and your designations is optional (e.g. Jane Doe CM; Jane Doe, CM.)
  • The use of a comma between designations is required (e.g. John Doe, CMS, CM. or Jane Doe, PMP, CM.)


Use of the Chartered Marketer Logo

Chartered Marketers may use the CM logo in the following circumstances:

  • Within the footer of professional correspondence
  • Within an electronic signature (e.g. an email signature or at the end of a blog post)
  • Within a personal profile page


In all circumstances, the logo use should include the text “Chartered Marketer” and should be linked to

Click here for a high resolution image of the CM logo.