Testimonials from Chartered Marketer Learners



Great way to build your career with additional marketable skills that are substantiated through momentum in achieving the Chartered Marketer designation. And this CM designation could be achieved while working a 60 hour work week. – Alexander Murphy, CM Core 1 learner

This program helped me enhance my marketing skills without requiring me to take a full time commitment. It is perfect for people who would like to pursue a career in marketing or someone who wants to gain more insights about marketing to help them get better with their current role in their organization. – Bohan Qin, CM Core 1 learner

So far I’ve really enjoyed my experience with the CM program. I find that too many programs focus on quizzes and exams instead of real-life application. Core 1 includes weekly discussions, assignments and projects which helped me build soft skills and put relevant marketing topics into real life application. Online delivery and Sunday deadlines made coursework manageable with full-time work. Would definitely recommend! – Kierra Leimert, CM Core 1 learner


The course does a great of introducing key concepts, discussion and practical implementation. I have found that I have been able to utilize skills and concepts learned through this course in my everyday work already! The CM program has provided excellent context and opportunities to put theory into practice through discussion and weekly projects. – Alison Olson, CM Core 2 learner

This program is perfectly formatted for someone who is working full-time but also looking to grow their marketing skillset. – Angela Rafuse, CM Core 2 learner

The CM certification has been a great boost to my professional and soft-skills. I really enjoy engaging with professionals of various fields and understanding their take on each topic week by week. – Aqsa Khan, CM Core 2 learner


Years ago I found myself in a Marketing position after completing my education in Music Vocal Performance. Within the first year I knew that Marketing would be my career path for the foreseeable future and going back to school full time wasn’t an option. I took professional development courses, webinars, etc, to expand my understanding of Marketing and 10 years later, I knew that I needed more

education behind me to continue to move forward in my career. The CM program has been THE solution for me. It has not only given me confidence in what I have learned through experience, it has bolstered it by giving me a strategic way to define it, defend it, and present it. I’ve found that the program has made me a stronger employee, a stronger marketer, and has increase my overall business sense. – Aftan Chobot, CM Core 3 learner

The course has opened my mind up to new possibilities. This course has given me robust foundational information that can be used in real world situations, it has given me intimate understanding and knowledge of how to implement a successful marketing program. It has also given me the confidence and empowered me to look for a new challenging position. I have been at my present company for over 12 years and have found my motivation waning. About 1 month ago I began my job search journey and have found the perfect position that will allow me to build a marketing department from the ground up. I have this course to thank for that. – Chantell Olivier, CM Core 3 learner

As a Marketing Professional with 5+ years in the industry, but without a direct Marketing Degree from University, this course has equipped me with the tools and soft-skills to continue my career development. It has built my confidence and energizes me for my future career in the industry. – Jordan Swerid, CM Core 3 learner

The course material spans a range of industry levels, and yet is relevant to all. The novice Marketer will learn more than a year “on the job” could possibly teach. And the advanced marketer will realize how refreshing it can be to obtain a fresh perspective on known concepts, but also dig into areas that may never have been a focus, in order to continue to expand their knowledge base. – Marilyn Perelshtein, CM Core 3 learner

I found the course challenging in engaging. The layout and structure provided me with a great opportunity to round out my skills as a marketer. – Katrina van Laren, CM Core 3 learner

I thoroughly enjoyed the CM program and can’t wait to begin the electives. It has been a great learning opportunity for me. I am relatively new to Canada and this course gave me an opportunity to learn about brands in Canada and also upskill on the new marketing strategies used by companies these days. The workload was manageable and the assignments were very interesting and it was more exciting to see responses from other classmates during the engage discussions. The course comes with the added benefit and opportunity to be able to network with a number of people across Canada from different industries and work streams. The instructors were great, come with a solid expertise in the subject as well as experience. Overall a great course and looking forward to completing it soon and earning my CM designation! – Sowmyaa Narayanan, CM Core 3 learner