Building a stronger marketing profession
    Building a Stronger Marketing Profession

    Jelly Marketing and Chartered Marketer Jelly Academy and the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) are pleased to announce we have entered into an agreement regarding the CMA’s Chartered Marketer (CM) designation program. The CM program requires an applicant to have completed either one marketing and one business course, or two marketing-related courses from an accredited post-secondary

    Fear of Presentations and public speaking

    You’re Up Next The presenter ahead of you has about 2 minutes left in the question-and-answer period, and you’re up next. As your eyes dart from your watch to the presenter, you anxiously await the applause signifying it’s your turn. It looks like you may have a fear of presentations and public speaking. Fear of Public

    Edward Li connecting the dots
    Connecting the dots

    Edward LI CM, the Director of Business Banking at CIBC, discusses the importance of data, insights and connecting the dots. Connecting the dots My Marketing career has always been about using data and insights to drive meaningful growth. As a trained engineer and an MBA, I enjoy connecting the dots and creating insights out of


    As the President and Principal of 1919 Strategy Group, Miki Velemirovich CM shares his insights and the obstacles he overcame to become a Chartered Marketer. The World of Marketing I started my career in corporate finance with IBM Canada. While this may not have been the usual kick-off of a marketing career, it did provide


    The world is starting to loosen restrictions, and people are returning to the office. The freedom to socialize with colleagues in person could reinvigorate anyone who may have felt isolated by lengthy pandemic lockdowns. If you’re wondering how, you can be more productive, more efficient or what you can do to be a better team


    A Marketing Coordinator at Winter Instruments, Shady Selim discusses career advancement, learning from peers and the knowledge that awaits you in the CM program.  Making the Switch Before joining the Chartered Marketer program, I was working at Staples in a hybrid role that combined marketing and human resources. Working in an HR role for two


    A Digital Content Manager at Aviso Wealth, Joseph Mancuso, discusses the Chartered Marketer journey and why it stands out from other designations. What’s the CM? I remember seeing the “CM” letters on the names of some LinkedIn profiles and I was curious because I never knew what it meant. Later, I heard about the Chartered

    Shaping Future Marketing Leaders

    As the Head of Marketing for Cisco Canada and a member of the Forbes Council, Seye Oloruntoba CM, shares her perspective on investing in yourself with the CM designation and becoming a Chartered Marketer. It’s not Just a Badge I have spent most of my career in high-tech marketing organizations with companies like IBM, Microsoft,

    Becoming a Leader and Continuing to Lead

    The Director of CRM Strategy at Publicis Groupe, Alison Olson shares critical insights about becoming a leader and using vision to empower her team. A Leaders Attitude Before becoming a people leader, the most memorable advice I received was, “Your first day as a manager is your last bad day at work.” The person who

    What Makes an Effective Marketing Leader?

    Gibson Ingram, Director, Marketing & Communications at GrantMatch and CM Candidate, explains how to be an effective marketing leader. Thriving As a Leader At first glance, it seems like many of the traits demonstrated by effective leaders past and present are universal in their applicability. To reference some notable modern sources on the subject, many


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    Building a Stronger Marketing Profession
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