CM Spotlight - Brent Chaters
    From Well-Rounded Marketer to Marketing Expert

    It’s said that a well-rounded marketer is able to move with agility thanks to their adaptability. No one knows that better than Brent Chaters CM, who moved quickly to get

    A Strategic Marketer’s Level of Excellence

    A strategic marketer, Deanna White CM, recognized the many benefits of achieving the CM designation. Read the many ways she’s found value since becoming a Chartered Marketer. A designation of

    CM Spotlight Banner-Roshni Wijayasinha
    Great Career Shifts, Great Marketing Impacts

    Every career shift presents an opportunity and for Roshni Wijayasinha CM, she found her passion as a marketing consultant. With her designation, she’s found credibility that backs up her impressive

    Excel At Professional Communication Skills

    Effective professional communication skills are the mettle that a successful business leader shows repeatedly. They come to play at the heart of every conversation for a marketer, from leadership buy-in

    An Outstanding Professional Endeavour

    Trusting her marketing instincts, Aftan Chobot, CM, turned to the CM designation program for her next professional endeavour. A marketer at heart, Aftan leveraged her relevant marketing experience to gain

    Going Beyond the Martech Landscape

    No stranger to the martech landscape, Dan Radu, CM, was looking for a way to cement his credibility and further his marketing knowledge. He saw the importance of marketing standards

    Gaining a Competitive Edge & Advantage

    As a marketing instructor, Tracy Reese, CM, understands the need for a competitive edge. She’s made lifelong learning her career focus and provides her reasons for why the CM designation

    Driving Your Career Success with A Growth Mindset

    A growth mindset is viewed as synonymous with success for good reason. Coined by the research of psychologist Carol Dweck, growth mindset is defined as the inner belief that improvement

    The Winning Synergy of Public Relations & Marketing

    Coming from a public relations background, Catherine Snider, CM, looked to the Chartered Marketer program to take her to the next career level. She shares her CM journey and what

    A Comprehensive Professional Education

    Wanting to further his professional education, Jordan Swerid looked to the Chartered Marketer designation to add to his marketing repertoire. Being Consistent with Higher Education I’m a big believer that


    17 May
    Blueprint for Success
    • 10:00 am
    • Earl DeMatas