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Three Ways Leaders Can Cultivate a Motivated Marketing Team By Jenna Walker

In this edition of the CM Leadership blog series, Jenna Walker, Manager, Field Marketing—Alberta, at IG Wealth Management, interviews Drew Robertson to discover what makes an effective marketing leader. Drew

The Price of Innovation

Price of Innovation In competitive professions like marketing, internal processes, ways of thinking, and best practices are constantly evolving. Technological advancements push humankind into the future by simplifying tasks and

4 Guiding Principles Of Effective Marketing Leadership

Tannis Gaffney, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Travel Alberta, shares her journey and guiding principles for leading a premier Canadian destination to compete on a global scale

An interview with Stacey Cummings By Heather Mathewson Jelsma

Heather Mathewson Jelsma Supervisor, Transit Rider Experience and Education at the City of Burlington, engaged in a captivating discussion with Stacey Cummings, Marketing Director at Purolator Inc., into the realm

My Biggest Role Yet
My Biggest Role

Catherine Snider, CM, sheds light on the parallels between marketing and motherhood. The similarities include continuous learning, adaptability, and staying calm in chaos. Catherine’s biggest role emphasizes the need to

A Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Even when you feel like you’re at the top of your game, there’s always more to learn. You could always think faster, dig deeper, and reach further. The

The Power of Words

First Speech According to Smithsonian magazine, our ancestors’ first speech may have come 27 million years earlier than initially thought. Despite the language, words allow humanity to do everything from

Visual Storytelling
Will Visual Storytelling Thrive?

A Picture In 1921, an advertising executive named Fred R. Barnard placed an ad in Printer’s Ink magazine to promote his agency with “One Look is Worth a Thousand Words.”


Ryan Kalsi, Associate Vice President of Marketing at TD Bank, on how fostering a culture of curiosity, empowering colleagues, and innovating responsibly leads to effective marketing leadership with Mary Jane

Marketing Leadership by Nick Obritsch

Steve Marshman, Managing Director and Executive Vice-President at WASSERMAN discusses marketing leadership and his transition from advertising agencies into the world of sponsorship marketing with Nick Obritsch, Marketing Manager at