blueprint for success
    Blueprint for Success

    In her CM Snapshot, Anh Trinh‘s blueprint to success was her decision to pursue the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation to enhance her credibility, showcase her commitment to professional growth, and expand

    Finding Your Path

    Kevin Floether, CM, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Chartered Business Valuators Institute, shares his journey from a leadership role in coffee to the dynamic marketing realm. Kevin discusses staying current, growing

    In One Place

    In her CM Snapshot, Mariia Tiuliupova discusses how her passion and relentlessness have led her to continually upgrade her knowledge and skills and how the DMSC Chartered Marketer program has everything

    Failure and Success

    Suresh Parmachand, CM, Director Performance Marketing at UL Solutions, describes how his passion for marketing grew from implementing the voice of the customer at Six Sigma to working with iconic

    Expertise and Commitment

    In her CM Snapshot, Mame Serwah Saifah discusses how the Chartered Marketer scholarship through the DMSC is helping to sharpen her skills. Mame mentions her commitment to marketing, the attentiveness

    Wouldn’t Change a Thing

    Amber Donovan, CM, Senior Marketing Advisor at the County of Grande Prairie, has had a fascinating journey. It began with a love for sports and transformed into something unexpected –

    The Price of Innovation

    Price of Innovation In competitive professions like marketing, internal processes, ways of thinking, and best practices are constantly evolving. Technological advancements push humankind into the future by simplifying tasks and

    Real Change

    Kudzai Baloyi, CM, Bank Advisor at the Royal Bank of Canada, wanted more than just a job. In his spotlight, Kudzai discusses sparking real change, making a difference in his

    4 Guiding Principles Of Effective Marketing Leadership

    Tannis Gaffney, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Travel Alberta, shares her journey and guiding principles for leading a premier Canadian destination to compete on a global scale

    An interview with Stacey Cummings By Heather Mathewson Jelsma

    Heather Mathewson Jelsma Supervisor, Transit Rider Experience and Education at the City of Burlington, engaged in a captivating discussion with Stacey Cummings, Marketing Director at Purolator Inc., into the realm


    17 May
    Blueprint for Success
    • 10:00 am
    • Earl DeMatas