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woman on laptop
Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated You’ve been in your new position for over a year, and at first, everything was great. You were learning, applying what you’ve learned and helping the team achieve

A Great Opportunity
We Should Be Proud

Oliver Bukvic CM, a Senior Marketing Leader, discusses differentiating and dedicating yourself to a life-long professional development journey and being proud to promote a designation recognizing marketing leaders across Canada.

Work-Related Stress
Work-Related Stress

A few months into your new responsibilities, something’s wrong. You can’t figure it out, but something doesn’t feel right. You’re not feeling as confident as you once did. Your chest

Adapting to Change

Adapting to Change Lately, you’ve strung together an impressive list of wins. After networking over cocktails and appetizers, you took the opportunity to use your elevator pitch with a peer.

Humility, Trust and Support

Jeff Hernandez, Marketing Communications Manager at Telus, believes you need humility, trust and support to be an effective marketing leader. When I began my Chartered Marketer journey in 2021, I

Disagreeing with your colleagues
Your colleagues and You

Shifting Focus Workdays don’t always begin with coffee and end with high-fives, head nods and complete agreement among colleagues. Gaining the confidence to share your opinions can be difficult. Let’s

Current and Relevant
Staying Current and Prepared

Niloufer Afzal CM, the CEO and Business Transformation Coach at G2G Impact Group discusses curiosity, strategies, perspectives, stepping out of your comfort zone, and staying current and prepared in marketing.

The Elevator Pitch
The Pitch

Making a Connection It’s 10:30 am, and you just got out of a meeting that didn’t go quite as expected. As you hit the ground button, a hand stops the

comfort zone
Be Fearless

Christine Saunders CM, President of Halmyre, discusses the entrepreneurial spirit, leaving your comfort zone, and elevating the marketing profession while being fearless. Entrepreneurial Spirit After university, I wanted to become

I needed to learn
I Needed to Learn

Eric Tang CM, Executive Vice President and Managing Director at Porter Novelli, discusses marketing standards, making decisions, professional development and how he needed to learn. I Needed to Learn Initially,