Appreciating the moment
    Appreciating the Moment

    Evelynn Ratcliffe, CM, Partner at Alair Homes Forest Hill Toronto, discusses staying ahead of the curve, unique challenges in marketing, developing a growth mindset and appreciating the moment. Distinguishing Dedication

    Creativity By The Numbers

    The Numbers In business, creativity is often expressed with elegant images and carefully selected words combined to sell an idea, product, service, or vision. Imagine a lavish board room with

    Understanding Behaviour
    Understanding Behaviour

    Kyle Turk, CM, Chief Executive Officer at Meerkat Marketing, discusses the Canadian marketing ecosystem, understanding behaviour and brands, staying current, and the defining moment in his career. Understanding Behaviour The

    Drive and Passion
    Drive and Passion

    Maria Gregory, CM, Senior Director, Client Experience at CIBC, discusses her drive and passion, collaborating with like-minded marketers, professional development, broadening your thinking and the power of mentorship. Like-Minded Marketing Professionals

    Leadership and Teaching

    Sam Plati, CM, Professor and Program Coordinator at Durham College, discusses his passion for marketing excellence, leadership and teaching, uncovering insights, and the defining moment of his career. Awakened a Passion

    Moving On

    Moving On There may come a time when you don’t feel challenged, or worse; you may feel like there are no challenges left to overcome. Doubts and lingering feelings can

    My Career

    Andrew Butts, CM, Senior Vice President of Leadership at Cossette Media, discusses driving forces in his career, the impact of interactions, surviving low points, standing firm, and the one constant

    Breaking Tradition

    Smita Challu Tulsani, CM, Customer Strategy and Martech Director at Akcelo, discusses breaking tradition, taking a leap of faith and creating the marketing leaders of tomorrow.  Breaking Tradition Growing up,

    KB Banner FNL
    My Journey

    Karen Bannister, CM, Vice President of Marketing at Centurion Asset Management Inc., discusses where she’s invested her time, what attracted her to the profession, and something vital every marketer should

    Compelled to Disagree
    Common Ground

    An Opposing Opinion It’s 9:45 am and the boss just finished outlining a new goal for your team to work towards. You listened attentively and took notes to remember which