A Marketing Coordinator at Winter Instruments, Shady Selim discusses career advancement, learning from peers and the knowledge that awaits you in the CM program.  Making the Switch Before joining the Chartered Marketer program, I was working at Staples in a hybrid role that combined marketing and human resources. Working in an HR role for two


    A Digital Content Manager at Aviso Wealth, Joseph Mancuso, discusses the Chartered Marketer journey and why it stands out from other designations. What’s the CM? I remember seeing the “CM” letters on the names of some LinkedIn profiles and I was curious because I never knew what it meant. Later, I heard about the Chartered

    Shaping Future Marketing Leaders

    As the Head of Marketing for Cisco Canada and a member of the Forbes Council, Seye Oloruntoba CM, shares her perspective on investing in yourself with the CM designation and becoming a Chartered Marketer. It’s not Just a Badge I have spent most of my career in high-tech marketing organizations with companies like IBM, Microsoft,

    Becoming a Leader and Continuing to Lead

    The Director of CRM Strategy at Publicis Groupe, Alison Olson shares critical insights about becoming a leader and using vision to empower her team. A Leaders Attitude Before becoming a people leader, the most memorable advice I received was, “Your first day as a manager is your last bad day at work.” The person who

    What Makes an Effective Marketing Leader?

    Gibson Ingram, Director, Marketing & Communications at GrantMatch and CM Candidate, explains how to be an effective marketing leader. Thriving As a Leader At first glance, it seems like many of the traits demonstrated by effective leaders past and present are universal in their applicability. To reference some notable modern sources on the subject, many

    An Experience for Which I am Truly Grateful

    As an in-house communications professional, Amy Snow, CM, focused on enhancing her skills, adopting new perspectives and learning from leaders alongside peers from different industries. The Transformative Power of Storytelling As a professional communicator, I have seen the transformative power of storytelling through the voices of those with lived experience. Part of being a good

    CM Spotlight - Brent Chaters
    From Well-Rounded Marketer to Marketing Expert

    It’s said that a well-rounded marketer is able to move with agility thanks to their adaptability. No one knows that better than Brent Chaters CM, who moved quickly to get a designation that matched his strengths. Covering the Scope of Marketing I actually started out as a digital marketer first. When I joined HP, they

    A Strategic Marketer’s Level of Excellence

    A strategic marketer, Deanna White CM, recognized the many benefits of achieving the CM designation. Read the many ways she’s found value since becoming a Chartered Marketer. A designation of many virtues Leading marketing departments for national brands for over twenty years, I’ve had the great pleasure of helping amazing companies grow. The Chartered Marketer

    CM Spotlight Banner-Roshni Wijayasinha
    Great Career Shifts, Great Marketing Impacts

    Every career shift presents an opportunity and for Roshni Wijayasinha CM, she found her passion as a marketing consultant. With her designation, she’s found credibility that backs up her impressive marketing impacts. Certifying Years of Marketing Experience I started my career on the agency side and soon moved over to working in-house at some of

    Excel At Professional Communication Skills

    Effective professional communication skills are the mettle that a successful business leader shows repeatedly. They come to play at the heart of every conversation for a marketer, from leadership buy-in to campaign execution and improving customer or team relations. Being effective is no easy feat as different communication styles interrupt even the most straightforward conversations.