Karen Hazan a well-rounded marketer
    The value of well-rounded marketers

    Karen Hazan CM, the Head of Marketing at Manitoulin Transport, discusses continuous learning, elevating your skills, updating your knowledge and becoming a well-rounded marketer. Personal Goal For the last 25

    Find Your Voice

    Someone to Learn From It’s 10:45, and you’re attending a meeting with your colleagues virtually and in person, led by the CEO. The topic is shrouded in mystery; however, many

    Tools of the Trade
    Tools of the trade

    Things Changed Working in marketing for the past five years has blessed you with opportunities to learn from experienced marketers who, one way or another, overcame every challenge they faced.

    Open to Possibilities
    Open to Possibilities

    Innovative Thinking Innovative thinking revolves around the ability to develop new ideas and ways to approach and solve problems. In the past, countless innovative thinkers have walked the earth as

    woman on laptop
    Staying Motivated

    Staying Motivated You’ve been in your new position for over a year, and at first, everything was great. You were learning, applying what you’ve learned and helping the team achieve

    A Great Opportunity
    We Should Be Proud

    Oliver Bukvic CM, a Senior Marketing Leader, discusses differentiating and dedicating yourself to a life-long professional development journey and being proud to promote a designation recognizing marketing leaders across Canada.

    Work-Related Stress
    Work-Related Stress

    A few months into your new responsibilities, something’s wrong. You can’t figure it out, but something doesn’t feel right. You’re not feeling as confident as you once did. Your chest

    Adapting to Change

    Adapting to Change Lately, you’ve strung together an impressive list of wins. After networking over cocktails and appetizers, you took the opportunity to use your elevator pitch with a peer.

    Jeff Hernandez
    Humility, Trust and Support

    Jeff Hernandez, Marketing Communications Manager at Telus, believes you need humility, trust and support to be an effective marketing leader. When I began my Chartered Marketer journey in 2021, I

    Disagreeing with your colleagues
    Your colleagues and You

    Shifting Focus Workdays don’t always begin with coffee and end with high-fives, head nods and complete agreement among colleagues. Gaining the confidence to share your opinions can be difficult. Let’s


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    My Journey
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