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The Real Challenge

Solange Bernard, CM, Senior Director and Head of Marketing Communications at Tim Horton’s, shares the importance of curiosity, the challenge marketers face, lifelong learning, the consumer journey, and the most

Marketers Must

Scott D’Cunha, CM, Vice President of eCommerce at the LCBO, discusses what marketers must do to be great, the emergence of AI and the opportunity that led to the defining

The Evolving Economic Fabric

Juan Carlos Sanchez, CM, Product Marketing Leader, Innovator, Collaborator and Change Agent, shares his inspiration, why companies exist, the challenges marketers face, how to stay current, and how AI will

The Customer

Paul Lacap, CM, Associate VP of Marketing at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), explains what marketers think about taking risks, knowing the customer, and the defining moment of his

My work
My Work

Lyanne Campbell, CM, Consultant, Marketing Strategist, and Mastermind Facilitator at Blue Dragonfly Marketing Strategies Ltd., covers creativity, metrics, driving revenue, aligning with the audiences’ needs, and proving her work has

transforming my career
Transforming my career

Ersegun Kocoglu, CM, Managing Director & Product Marketing Executive at Market Me Canada Inc., Insights Council Member at the CMA, Board Member at the ODTU Alumni Association of Canada, and

Shannon Cone, CM
I knew

Shannon Cone, CM, Digital Marketing & Advertising Specialist at SC Social Marketing Services, and Professor at the Faculty of Media Art and Design at Durham College, shares how she knew

The Strategic Side

Eric Jackson, CM, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at Cardata, discusses the strategic side, the key to staying current, the value of marketing, new paths, and making the right choice. Essential,

Will AI Fuel or Suppress Creativity?

Will AI Fuel or Suppress Creativity? There was a time when vehicles only ran on fossil fuels. Communications between people was in person, through the mail or through telephone conversations.

Embrace Change

Santo Ligotti, CM, Professor and Vice President of Marketing and Member Services at the Retail Council of Canada, discusses artificial intelligence, opening doors, overcoming challenges, when to embrace change and two moments that defined his career. The CM Opens