Testimonial Archives - Chartered Marketer Program

Vicki Waschkowski

I am so excited to be a part of bringing the CM designation to life, as I believe it is the next great step in our field. Teaching and developing relevant & actionable curriculum for those in our industry sparks something in my that I can’t get in my day job. It not only keeps

Richard Toker

I am tremendously excited to be involved in the development of the Chartered Marketer training program! I envision a future where participants are benefiting greatly from the learning and the networking and are taking their careers to the next level as a result; and, companies are increasingly encouraging employees to get their designation because of the

Jeffrey O’Leary

I am looking forward to integrating the financial picture in the CM program and elevating Marketer’s financial skill sets to become better business partners.

Liz Oke

We live in an exciting period of history; technology and information drives what we do as marketers, and has fundamentally changed  how our audience prefers to communicate with us. I am excited to be a part of the core team in the development of the CM designation and will apply this mindset, our team will

Leslie Hughes

The Canadian Marketing Association is considered to be most reputable resource for marketers across the country. The introduction of the new Chartered Marketer program will undoubtedly be the pinnacle professional accreditation for this industry. I’m thrilled and honoured to be a part of this program, and proudly display the CM designation in my own branding

Lisette Gelinas

I believe that when a person truly understands marketing strategy and how to use marketing to help him or her achieve their business objectives, they are a stronger, more strategic leader. By creating better, more strategic marketers, the CMA is helping to create better, more strategic business leaders.  And that is good for businesses, organizations

Wendy Boyd

I believe that if you are not learning, you are falling behind, so I am happy to be an external student and teacher of marketing.

Emily Baillie

I believe that in order to be successful in the marketing world, one must be constantly learning and innovating. In my work as a Professor & Digital Marketing Entrepreneur I am driven by the desire to empower others to reach their highest potential. By contributing to the CM program I hope to help raise the bar