CPD Requirements Archives - Chartered Marketer Program

Can credits be carried over?

Only in the first year of earning the designation.

How many CPD credits must I earn each year?

Chartered Marketers must earn a total of 60 credits over a three-year cycle, not earning fewer than 15 credits per year.

Is there a deadline to submit my CPD log?

Your completed log should be submitted at the end of each year prior to December 31.

What happens if I fail to comply with CPD requirements?

Failure to complete your CPD requirements may result in the suspension of your Chartered Marketer designation until the requirement is met.

Will there be an audit to ensure compliance?

Yes, CMA will audit a percentage of Chartered Marketers to ensure submitted logs are truthful and accurate.

What is the online CPD log and where can it be found?

The online CPD log is where you document the professional development that you participated in throughout the year. In previous years, CM’s submitted their CPD logs via email to CMA. For 2020, logs will be submitted online. CM’s will be notified when this option becomes available.

I have recently earned my CM designation. When do I start logging my CPD credits?

You will be required to start obtaining CPD credits in the calendar year following the year in which you are awarded the designation. CMs will be permitted to bring forward any credits earned during the gap between achieving the designation and the next calendar year.

What qualifies as CPD credits?

Structured, relevant learning that includes a formal assessment (e.g. an exam) Relevant learning with no formal assessment Marketing leadership Self-directed learning Researching and writing Community participation See link for more detail

What CPD requirements are Chartered Marketers required to meet?

Chartered Marketers must earn a total of 60 credits over a three-year cycle. Not earning fewer than 15 credits per year.