Finding Your Path

10 May

Kevin Floether, CM, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Chartered Business Valuators Institute, shares his journey from a leadership role in coffee to the dynamic marketing realm. Kevin discusses staying current, growing the profession, finding your path and embracing technology.

Incredibly Important

The CM program is unique for a couple reasons. First, it allows you to draw on your learnings from day one and apply it to your work as a marketer. Second, the CM program was designed by marketing leaders, so you can confidently trust that you’re gaining industry-leading knowledge. Third, since it’s asynchronous, as a full-time marketer, you can work through the content at your own pace.

The CM designation is incredibly important to the profession as it provides a professional accreditation and standardization that the marketing profession was lacking in Canada. Now, when an employer hires someone who earned the CM designation, they know they’re getting a very well-rounded professional marketer.

finding your path

Growing a Profession

Initially I accepted a role as a Communications Coordinator at the Chartered Business Valuators Institute. My role slowly grew to encompass marketing efforts, which became part of my title. I was also influenced significantly by some great marketers that I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside.

What I enjoy most about marketing is that I am working to increase awareness and grow an entire profession. It’s meaningful because so many others are directly impacted by my work. When my team gets a win, it’s a win for everyone, including our members.

Something for Everyone

I wish I had known how much science was involved in marketing. I used to think it was a purely creative endeavour, but I quickly learned there are areas heavily affected by math and numbers. One thing I know is there is something for every type of learner and thinker in the marketing profession. Personally, I enjoy having the ability to drive marketing decisions with objective quantitative data.

Ongoing Challenges 

While it can be daunting, one of the most unique challenges for marketing professionals is staying current in a field that evolves at an exponential rate. For marketers who proactively take steps to stay current, the amount of new tech out there increases their options. The marketing profession also faces the challenge of constantly evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements. Staying ahead of these trends, understanding shifts in consumer behaviour and spending, and adapting to the latest digital platforms are ongoing challenges.


I read newsletters, books, academic articles and attend webinars from the CMA and other organizations related to marketing or my role. It’s important to immerse yourself in all these different viewpoints so you can have a solid understanding of the marketing landscape.

The Shift

The most notable change I’ve noticed from my first role to the one I’m in today, has been the digital transformation. The shift from traditional marketing methods to digital and social media platforms has revolutionized how we connect with audiences.

Changing Your Trajectory

The biggest challenge of my career was starting in marketing and communications at the tender age of 25. At the time, I was working in specialty coffee as the Head of Coffee for a roaster in Montreal, until I realized I wanted to work in marketing and communications. Going back to school is an overwhelming task at any age, thankfully I was lucky to have a supportive group of friends and family. It was a huge decision, but it’s never too late to change your career trajectory.finding your path

Meant to be

There are two moments which defined my career. The first was achieving the CM designation, and the second was my admission into the McMaster University Master of Communications Management program. Both events seemed like a recognition that marketing is where I’m supposed to be. I expect to graduate from the MCM program in 2025.

Embrace Technology

The trend I’m most excited about is the increase in prevalence and use of AI. AI’s potential impact on the industry is profound. I’ve already begun to introduce generative AI into my team’s workflows, and I look forward to seeing where the industry takes it.In my opinion, we must embrace the technology and grow with it, adapting to ensure that marketers are just as ubiquitous as the technologies and platforms they use.



Kevin Floether, CM
Manager, Marketing & Communications, Chartered Business Valuators Institute




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