Finding My Place

09 Dec

Ivana Di Millo, CM, Principal and Managing Director of Blue Opal Communications Inc, discusses how to pivot and find your place in a constantly evolving profession and ever-changing world.

My Place

I honed my craft on incredible projects like the City of Mississauga’s brand refresh and communications master plans, working alongside a lot of smart and creative people. After 18 years at the City of Mississauga as Director, Strategic Communications, the time arrived when I knew that I needed something new and made a decision to retire. When a fellow marketer told me about the opportunity to apply for the CM designation, I knew it was a great way to raise the profile of the profession and my place within this dynamic field.

Uniting Marketers

The CM designation has brought the marketing field to the forefront, levelling it for shared experience, skill sets and knowledge. This is especially important for people who may not always know how to assess the value marketing provides. I love reading how fellow marketers have found bold, creative ways to succeed. The CM program unites marketers while elevating the profession and positioning us as strategic leaders.

Professional Standard

As a consultant and entrepreneur, you must challenge yourself with assignments that spark your creativity and further develop your skills as a leader. The CM program requires a Chartered Marketer to stay current with the latest trends, policies, and insights from the best marketing professionals to increase our knowledge and expertise. Attending virtual seminars or networking events helps marketers enhance their knowledge and diversify their skillset. The CM designation shapes marketers by applying a professional standard recognized by marketing leaders in Canada.

Keep Marketers Close

Being part of the CMA community encouraged me to continue to develop my leadership skills and my professional development led me to a new professional goal as a result.  I pursued the CM designation and encouraged others to do the same but, it didn’t stop there. Having colleagues who ventured out on their own and became successful entrepreneurs encouraged me to reach out to people in my network.

Pivoting and finding my place

They inspired me to establish a communications consulting firm, Blue Opal Communications, in 2021. I use the CM designation in my LinkedIn profile and my email signature. I would encourage new marketers, especially those in communications, to pursue the CM designation because it keeps you current and part of an incredible network of talented people.

Ivana Di Millo CM
Principal & Managing Director