Setting High Marketing Standards

14 May

Driven to uphold excellent marketing standards, Elizabeth Naumovski describes how the Chartered Marketer designation impacts her career.

Attaining credibility with a CM designation

I work in the financial industry where everyone has an acronym that pertains to professional credentials such as CFA, MBA, CFP, and PM. Having the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation has given me the next level of credibility to stand among the rest and that makes me proud. It says that I am equal with my colleagues, especially since I don’t work for a traditional marketing agency.

Personally, a CM designation compels me to constantly learn and upgrade myself. The continuing education requirement enables me to keep up to date on the latest approaches, issues, and products. One of my personal passions is financial literacy, and, in my advocacy, I am guiding Canadians about paying off debt and saving for the future. This work is so important and the more effective I can be articulating the message of ‘making frugality fashionable,’ the more people I can help.

Starting conversations on the right foot

I use the CM designation across all my professional networks including my LinkedIn profile, email signature, and my business cards. Of course, I also use it with my passion project; Finance Is Personal, which is a half-hour show where I discuss financial literacy.

Since February 2020, I have been speaking every month as a Financial Literacy Advocate. This March 2021, I spoke three times for International Women’s Day and at every speaking event, when they read my bio, the organizers always mention that I am a Chartered Marketer.

Moreover, I am also speaking to young university women about female empowerment and working in male-dominated industries. Having the designation has given me a standard of excellence and authority with this audience, plus it also demonstrates that continuous learning is empowering.

Paying it forward with future marketers

I believe a designation is important not only for marketing professionals but also for the marketing industry. I have absolutely encouraged others to apply for the CM designation – especially the most qualified colleagues. When the best marketing professionals earn the designation, the more important it becomes. It’s imperative that the best of the best marketers keep learning to remain relevant.

If we are not learning, we will be lost professionally.

The great part about having the CM designation is that it sets the standard and demonstrates that you have worked towards those goals. The three core values I believe the CM designation helps shape future marketers are professionalism, integrity, and ethics. These are what everyone strives for in their career and in life.

We have a responsibility both to the industry and to the next generation of marketers. We need to mentor and encourage them, but also set a high standard so that they can be better and more successful than us.

Elizabeth Naumovski
Vice President Marketing
Caldwell Securities Ltd.

Elizabeth Naumovski, CM, is a tireless advocate for financial literacy and female empowerment.

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