The Power of Words

01 Dec

First Speech

According to Smithsonian magazine, our ancestors’ first speech may have come 27 million years earlier than initially thought. Despite the language, words allow humanity to do everything from learning, sharing concepts and debating opinions to understanding instructions, communicating complex ideas, and expressing emotions. Regardless of when it began, it appears humankind communicated with words earlier than suspected.

From Braille to Text

For those without vision, developing a combination of raised dots to form braille characters instead of words shows how essential they are to communication. The ICOE has a brief piece on Louis Braille, covering the tragedy leading to his blindness and how Louis repurposed French Army Officer Charles Barbier’s 12-dot cryptography system in 1824 to help the blind – read. In the modern era, we can use our voice to change channels on televisions, activate alarms or lights in our homes, or complete tasks through voice-activated assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google Home, to name a few. Technology like text-to-speech allows us to interact directly with a device and have our thoughts captured and transcribed before our eyes. Now, we can read books without using our eyes and write speeches without typing.

The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot

In marketing, you need insights to deliver campaigns that resonate with the audience. Marketers and advertisers must uncover influential words that speak to the consumer by peeling back layers like the skin of an apple. The more you peel, the closer you get to the core of the idea. Each question you ask the audience removes layers until you arrive at the insight in its purest form. It’s the sweet spot in the minds and hearts of your audience. Once you’ve found it, you can watch the idea blossom and entice consumers to purchase your product or service. Listen carefully to the words the target audience uses because the real insight is something only they can provide.

The Future
This image of Toronto in 2070 was generated with

It’s Already Here

The future doesn’t start tomorrow; it’s already here. Now, the vocals we use to form words flow through our fingers to websites like Gencraft. These generative AI platforms allow everyone to create immaculate works of art, far beyond their capabilities. While the algorithms behind the software may be quite complex, producing stunning images isn’t. All you need is an account, an idea, and an internet connection. Generative AI is exciting because you don’t need talent to produce something in your head. The ability to create high-resolution images from your thoughts elevates the power of words to a new level.

The Power of Words

Words and technological advancements have been connected for a long time. From the telegram to the smartphone, we have all witnessed some technological advancement related to communication in our lifetime. Today, technology allows our voices to be transmitted through emails or text messages to the other side of the planet in real-time. Still, one of the most impressive forms of communication might be the one that gives people who are blind the ability to read with their fingertips. Technology has undoubtedly eclipsed traditional forms of communication, but it all began with words.


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