Hone Your Competitive Edge through Professional Advocacy

09 Nov

Professional advocacy is always top of mind for employees focused on professional growth. In parallel, employer decisions around investing in an employee’s knowledge and learning require careful consideration and analysis. It’s a commitment to unlocking potential, for the benefit of both parties. With marketing professionals, the approach may seem similar to that of assessing a marketing campaign. In both cases, it requires determination, foresight, and tact to execute. The Chartered Marketer (CM) program provides the means for a marketer’s professional development plan and is designed to ensure they not only complete the program but excel. With that in mind, how does the CM program create win-win situations that achieve professional development goals?

Clear & Concise Professional Development Goals

It’s no secret that a focus on professional development is on the rise with an overabundance of options available to professionals of all levels and industries. The trend has been continually building over time. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report of 2019, “94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and [professional] development.”

Professional woman smiling and reviewing paperwork. That said, the CM Program is intended as a two-year, online designation for Canadian marketers. However, learners do have some flexibility and can complete it within five years. This window provides an opportunity for a discussion between the employee and employer around professional development goals. As a result, the employee feels valued and supported while the employer will have a clear timeframe for objectives.

Throughout the learning experience, the program remains relevant and accessible thanks to considerable planning and contributions from fellow Canadian marketers and instructors. Employees can apply learnings immediately in their current role and provide value to their teams and direct reports. This is professional advocacy working at its best.

Advocating for Continued Professional Growth

Discussions around professional growth can’t wait until performance reviews. Employees and employers need to be consistently on the same page in terms of both professional development and career progression. With “76% of employees [wanting] opportunities for career growth”, annual discussions around professional development may not be enough to keep employees interested in the long run.
The CM program utilizes applied learning in all marketing core competencies to fill gaps in the working experience. Learners can strengthen their current skill set but more importantly, learn new ones they may not have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. This approach boosts the confidence and self-assurance of employees seeking to take a step further in their careers. According to Deloitte, “71% of millennials who are likely to leave an organization within two years are dissatisfied with how their leadership skills are being developed.”

Employees who want to move up are looking for workplaces engaged in creating future leaders by investing in their career growth trajectory. This ambition is exactly what the CM program strives to cultivate. Throughout the program, learners are groomed to be better business leaders through exploring financial management knowledge, strategic thinking, and planning skills. Employers who recognize star quality in employees early on have peace of mind knowing that the CM program brings them to the finish line.

Foster a Culture of Learning

Professionals in office working on a project. Integrating the CM program into an employee’s professional development plan sets a very positive example of an employer invested in their team. It’s professional advocacy between employer and employee. Beyond building trust, it also fosters a culture of learning throughout the organization —signalling that this is not an individual employee journey, but rather a collective one. The program encourages employees to share what they’ve learnt by setting up a dedicated time to review their new knowledge with their direct supervisor and/or the whole team. This creates a blend of a communication and collaboration exercise, providing immediate benefits through new ideas, questions, and increased interest in further development.

Elevate Performance Across the Board

By advocating for their employee’s professional development, an employer is emphasizing their conviction to that professional’s growth and value to the company. Choosing a method that works best shouldn’t bottleneck the process. The CM program tackles the ever-changing tactics and innovations in marketing and lays it out clearly in its methodology. Plus, it’s all delivered online which makes it accessible no matter the circumstances. Having a CM learner and future designation holder on the team is bound to elevate not just that individual, but everyone.

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