Driving Your Career Success with A Growth Mindset

29 Oct

A growth mindset is viewed as synonymous with success for good reason. Coined by the research of psychologist Carol Dweck, growth mindset is defined as the inner belief that improvement is achieved through open learning and habits rather than a set intelligence benchmark. It is reasonable to assume that strong professional development occurs as a role progresses with new challenges, changes and breakthrough moments. Yet facing all this with a growth mindset is the underlying catalyst of a positive outcome. This framework is present within the Chartered Marketer program which works to develop participants into marketing business leaders.

Marketers Are Partial to the Growth Mindset

Any marketer will connect the principles of the growth mindset to executing a marketing campaign. Each marketing campaign is unique with known and unknown variables that we learn to identify as marketers and pivot accordingly. It can be difficult to keep track of all these moving elements and focus on the objective at hand. For some this comes naturally, while for others, becoming familiar with developing, implementing and concluding a campaign feels like three different vehicles all running at their own speed.

Two professionals smiling and staring at a smart tablet in office. For this reason, Core 1 of the CM program delivers an essential overview of not only how marketing campaigns should be structured but also tying the results to the broader objectives of an organization. Participants review and analyze all key components of marketing campaigns such as objective setting, target market, audience segmentation, available marketing tools and more. In this way, they are able to relate their learnings to their own experience and identify gaps they need to focus on further as their program continues.

Embodying a growth mindset is the true tell of either a flexible or rigid marketer. A rigid marketer who assumes to know all the answers is usually met with mediocre or flat growth.

The Difference Between Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

When looking at the opposite of a growth mindset, Dweck’s research concluded that a fixed mindset: the belief that natural talent or intelligence is often viewed as the end all be all. This leaves no room to accept a need for advancement of skills and other areas. The danger is that this can manifest itself as a defeated and defensive attitude that is overall unproductive. When marketers are closed to learning, they not only stagnate their professional pursuits but also their career fulfillment.

One professional in a fixed mindset sitting beside another professional with a growth mindset. Asking yourself if you’re in a growth or fixed mindset requires careful consideration. First, recognizing one’s strengths and weaknesses is key to moving forward with any kind of professional development plan. For marketers, it’s a tall order to ask to be efficient in all aspects of the marketing arena. Many marketers know what they bring to the table and are transparent of where they may be lacking. For example, analytics is part of the marketing process and yet time and again, many will admit math is not their strongest suit. When presented with analytical tasks and projects, a growth mindset will boost participation. A closed mindset will seek to avoid at all cost.

With Core 2, analytics are front and center for participants in the Chartered Marketer program Starting off with financial statement examinations that link to business goals, the process is deconstructed so as not to feel overwhelming. From there, the course builds upon this with the introduction of measurement tools. The growth mindset is vital at this stage. Being uncomfortable is an expectation that creates a reward of confidence at the end of the course.

Another Benefit of A Growth Mindset: Receiving Constructive Feedback

Along with seeking new challenges, those who have a growth mindset are also prone to receiving constructive feedback. They confront feedback with curiosity rather than let it debilliate them. This characteristic allows energy to be focused on positive and reactive change. It acts as fuel for the receiver.

A closeup of a hand taking notes while sitting across professional with open laptop. Feedback is an important component of the CM program. Participants receive constructive feedback on assignments weekly and have an open line of communication to their instructors. With an online learning environment that fosters collaboration through forums and chat features, expectations are clearly set in the curriculum. For participants, this gives them a real world experience where they can put their growth mindset to work.

Within Core 3, participants are required to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on team projects. Another component of the course is testing tools and identifying actionable insights. Again, this encourages a growth mindset as participants have the opportunity to learn and push their limits all while optimizing their efforts using feedback received. This is not to be mistaken as praise which is given but never guaranteed. It’s feedback intended to drive improvement.

That said, without constructive feedback, there is little direction to move forward and motivation is in peril.

Inspiration & Motivation within the CM Community

To maintain a growth mindset throughout your career, looking to others for inspiration and guidance is a must. Seeing others succeed sheds kernels of wisdom that open-minded learners pick up on and mirror. Beign inspired by other marketing leaders is the encouragement needed to stay in tune for further growth and development.

Marketing is no doubt a wide field, covering a breadth of industries. Making connections can seem daunting. As more and more enter the field, the networking aspect can fall off the priority list. The CM program recognizes the importance of community and builds this throughout and beyond the program. CM instructors are active marketing professionals with a wide range of experience they incorporate into the curriculum. Participants also work closely throughout the program leading to further connections and comraderie.

As these real connections are forged between participants, they are then given room to grow within the CMA space and learning opportunities. Maintaining a CM designation requires active professional development, participants know where to look when they want to upgrade their skill set. Besides perhaps running into an old peer, they can now make new connections within the CMA.

Committing to An Always Learning Mindset

As responsibilities begin to mount and the scope of a role expands, the ability to learn on the go is essential to keep pace. It is more than just keeping a positive attitude. It’s embracing a constant learning curve through curiosity and a search for the unexpected.

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