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Can I take my prep course exam in any location?

Yes, the prep course exam is offered online.

Can I take my prep course final exam at any location?

Yes, the prep course is offered online and so is the final exam.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the prep course, CM program?

Administrative Assistance Rebecca Worsfold   Coordinator, Learning Programs E-mail: Phone: 416-645-3279 Course Content Questions Stephen Ghigliotty Director, Curriculum Development E-mail: Phone: 416.644.3759

Do I need to purchase the textbook?

No, learners do not need to purchase a textbook.

How long is the prep course?

The course is 6 modules in total, which can be completed at the learner’s own pace. The course will take a learner approximately is 4-6 hours to complete each module

What is the next step after I enrol into the prep course?

Once enrolled in the prep course CMA will send you login details and course details prior to the schedule prep course start date.

If I do not pass the prep course, how many times can I redo it?

Learners have two attempts to pass the final exam. Should they not pass after 2 attempts they are encouraged to contact CMA.

What grade do I need to get to pass the prep course?

You would need a minimum of 50 % on the final exam, and an overall grade of 60% to pass the course.

Do I need to complete the modules in the prep course sequentially?

The modules do not have to be done in any specific order. We do recommend that you complete the modules sequentially, for best result. However, you MUST complete all module

How often will the prep course be offered?

The prep course will be offered approximated three times a year.


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