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What CPD requirements are Chartered Marketers required to meet?

Chartered Marketers must earn a total of 60 credits over a three-year cycle. Not earning fewer than 15 credits per year.

What are CPD Credits?

CPD Stands for Continuing Professional Development, and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals participate in to develop and enhance their abilities.

What are my options if I sign up for a course and can no longer complete it?

In extenuating circumstances, a deferral may be requested. Requests for deferral should be made in writing (email is acceptable). All deferral requests must be received prior to the start of

I read that I must have 3 years of work experience to exit the Chartered Marketer program. Do I have to earn my marketing experience while in the program, before receiving the designation?

You can enter the program already meeting the 3-year work experience requirement. You can also earn it during the program or after completing the program. You will not receive the

How do I pay the course fees and what is the total cost?

The course fees are paid in steps as you complete specific parts of the program. For example, after you complete the prep course and have submitted your transcripts, you will

Can I complete the CM program while working full-time?

Yes- our learners have full-time jobs and other commitments and are able to complete one course per semester. Assignments are due weekly, so it is important to set aside dedicated

Who can I contact if I have questions about courses?

You can contact our Learning Programs Coordinator-

How many electives do I need to take?

You only need to take one elective course, after you complete your three core courses and before the summit course.

How long will it take to complete all of the courses?

You have 5 years to complete all courses but this can be achieved in as little as 2 years.

How do the rest of the courses differ from the prep course?

The prep course is a self-paced course that offers an important introduction to the program, whereas the courses that follow have live instructors who are experienced, practising marketers. These courses


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