To Be A Marketer

21 Jun

Kasandra Medlock, CM, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Globys emphasizes that marketing is a creative outlet but stresses the need to innovate and stay current on trends, laws, and technology. She touches on what it means to be a marketer, the digital shift and highlights why AI advancements are both exciting and concerning at the same time. 


The CM designation is an essential differentiator for marketers with a good amount of experience in their role because it amplifies their solid foundation, broad expertise, and work experience. The designation helps marketers set themselves apart from other candidates or experts because it showcases a robust combination of experience and education and having the designation sparks interest and good conversation.

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Creative Outlet

I appreciated a creative outlet, which grew by doing more innovative work. I eventually gravitated toward creative roles throughout my career. I was good at it, even though I didn’t set out to be a marketer. It was probably the most organic way that you could fall into a position or into a career. If you do what you like, it just makes everything easier.


I have been a generalist in marketing with smaller organizations where you wear many hats. When I moved on to work in larger organizations with specialists in particular areas such as social media, content writing and event coordination, I was surprised to see how fluid things worked and overall, the team structure elevated the experience in every way. I advise being bold and specializing in something because the team atmosphere is critical to successful marketing.

Innovate and Advance

For challenges unique to marketing, whether it is privacy laws and regulation compliance, social media trends, event hosting, or incorporating new technology, marketers are expected to be ahead of the curve with an immaculate presence. While we do have trendsetters in our ranks, it’s difficult for creatives to constantly deliver on that high level of expectation while innovating and advancing at a level not expected in other departments or industries.

Credible Information

I stay current on marketing trends by using the wealth of credible information available, from vendors and partners. It helps us educate ourselves and get up to speed for the next project or task. Marketers understand how important feedback is and they’re incredibly thoughtful and helpful when it comes to sharing advice, recommendations, and experiences. Whether starting a project for the first or the hundredth time, you want to ensure you’ve incorporated everything into your strategies.

The Shift

We’ve all experienced the massive shift to everything being online with digital experiences that are available 24/7. This change has helped us incredibly because we now have vast amounts of data and metrics to work with and help us improve. However, we lose certain aspects of connecting with people, and there’s no replacement for that in-person one-to-one contact, whether it be a storefront, at an event, or relationship building through dedicated account management teams. The shift to digital has been swift, and I think it will stay that way, so I recommend fueling your curiosity and grasping every opportunity to learn new things.

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I have yet to experience a career defining moment, however, I have enjoyed being in a position which allowed me to support causes close to my heart. In a previous role, I executed funding and volunteer efforts to hundreds of charitable organizations that helped people throughout my local community and our country. Reminiscing about that now, I loved the responsibility I was given and the great memories I made.

AI Advancements

Naturally, AI can feel concerning for Marketers in terms of job security and career longevity. Still, it’s astonishing what AI is doing regarding graphic design and design assistance, especially from someone who’s been a one-woman show for a long time. These programs are helpful from a design perspective, and I can’t wait to see the advancements in the next couple of years.

Set Yourself Apart

to beI recommend anyone entering the marketing space be technologically aware or advanced and to educate themselves on how these programs work. There are so many software systems you’re going to be researching, procuring, using, managing, and operating on behalf of an organization, so it helps to know how to best leverage them. Being able to ensure critical interoperability and optimizations across all your chosen technology will set you apart from other candidates.

Kasandra Medlock, CM
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Globys



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