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Real Change

08 Mar

Kudzai Baloyi, CM, Bank Advisor at the Royal Bank of Canada, wanted more than just a job. In his spotlight, Kudzai discusses sparking real change, making a difference in his community, the lessons he learned, and how change stimulates growth.

It’s Practical

The Chartered Marketer (CM) program is unique because it’s practical, and the content is updated to reflect what’s happening in the profession. Participants collaborate with colleagues nationwide, get exposed to different perspectives, and learn and work individually and in teams on assignments and case studies. The CM program vastly improves everything from analytical, communication, and collaboration skills to coordination, problem-solving, and presentation skills.

Forging a Bond

Marketing fueled my desire for more than just a job. I wanted to spark real change in the community by using my expertise to connect people with products and brands to satisfy their wants and cater to their needs. I made a difference by building connections and forging a bond between the community and the brands that resonate with them.

Important Lesson

As a newcomer, the most important lesson I learned was that marketing and the 4Ps are the same regardless of where you live. The Chartered Marketer program elevated my confidence and instilled the importance of flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic landscape like marketing, where consumer behaviour, technology, and market trends constantly evolve.

Real Change

Embracing Challenges

The most unique challenge in marketing is change. Marketers can’t afford to be complacent because there will always be new platforms like TikTok or groundbreaking technologies like Generative AI to learn. We must listen, learn and adapt because staying relevant means leveraging, embracing and harnessing the power of the latest platforms and technology to capture the consumer’s interest. Navigating these changes requires an openness to innovation and a proactive embrace of emerging trends. In today’s marketing landscape, success hinges on grasping and leveraging new opportunities to ensure strategies remain relevant and cutting-edge. Change is not a burden but a catalyst for growth; embracing challenges is an opportunity to excel in an ever-evolving market.


I stay informed through newsletters from reputable sources like CMA and Strategy, engage in virtual and in-person networking, and listen to leadership and marketing podcasts. CMA Connect is my preferred platform for insights and industry updates. As a newcomer, I actively participate in the CMA DEI committee and contribute to the Newcomer Subcommittee. I advocate for newcomers, ensuring opportunities for their marketing passion in Canada. Volunteering lets me use my experiences to create an inclusive environment, fostering newcomer success in the dynamic marketing field. I’m committed to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the marketing community, providing valuable support for those navigating the Canadian marketing landscape.

Interact and Adapt

The growth of the internet has transformed marketing from a one-way communication to a two-way engagement model. With the rise of social media and interactive platforms, customers significantly influence brands and marketing decisions by shaping content and impacting product development. This shift reflects a democratization of influence, where customer feedback, preferences, and user-generated content play a more pivotal role. Brands must interact and adapt to these dynamics and foster a collaborative relationship with their customers. The contemporary marketing landscape thrives on co-creation, acknowledging the empowered consumer’s voice in shaping content and product offerings.

Real Change

Adaptable and Informed

As a newcomer, my main obstacle was breaking into marketing in Canada. My solution was to concentrate on what I could control. I focused on learning and volunteering to challenge biases against newcomers and leveraged networking events and CMA courses to stay updated on developments. This proactive approach facilitated my integration into the profession. It ensured I remained adaptable and well-informed about the latest trends, reinforcing my commitment to professional growth in marketing.


Most organizations are still testing Generative AI to improve the marketing process. The most exciting aspect of Generative AI is that it may ensure creativity is the source of competitiveness while levelling the playing field between big and small-budget organizations. Ultimately, the most creative, nimble and agile marketers have a better chance to succeed.

Defining Moment

Achieving the Chartered Marketer designation as a newcomer was my most defining moment. I was delighted to participate in a program which recognizes and celebrates non-Canadian marketing experience, as most of my contributions to group discussions and assignments came from my international experience. I hope recruiters and hiring managers learn to respect and acknowledge the value internationally trained marketers bring and allow newcomers to be part of the profession they love and hold dear.

Kudzai Baloyi, CM
Banking Advisor, RBC




12 Jul
Embracing the Chartered Marketer Journey
  • 10:00 am
  • Earl DeMatas