Building a Stronger Marketing Profession

24 May
Building a stronger marketing profession

Jelly Academy and the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) are pleased to announce we have entered into an agreement regarding the CMA’s Chartered Marketer (CM) designation program. The CM program requires an applicant to have completed either one marketing and one business course, or two marketing-related courses from an accredited post-secondary institution. This agreement recognizes the six-lesson Jelly Academy Digital Marketing Training Program as an approved marketing course, fulfilling one of the prerequisite requirements for entry into the CM program.*

Jelly Academy’s six-lesson Digital Marketing program equips students with eleven industry-recognized credentials from Hootsuite, Google, SEMRush, Facebook and more, providing the fundamental skills needed to execute impactful digital marketing in the real world. The course is taught by industry practitioners and covers the primary sectors of digital marketing including SEO, Digital Ads, Google Analytics, social media, and PR. Jelly Academy has been offering courses for over 5 years and to date, has trained more than six-hundred marketers.

Chartered Marketer (CM) is the premier professional designation for Canadian marketers. The CM program provides an in-depth, engaging, and immersive learning experience to prepare marketing professionals for the next step in their career journey. Designed as a two-year program, CM is delivered online by active marketing professionals. CM graduates emerge with a breadth of marketing knowledge around value proposition development, financial management, campaign strategies, marketing technologies, and more.

The two programs offer complementary knowledge and skillsets. Jelly Academy’s focus on foundation skills and tactical execution in a digital environment, creates a steppingstone into the CM designation program which dives deeper into strategy development, brand and financial management. Graduates of both programs will be well equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced marketing world.

“So many professors from bachelor programs have been referring students to Jelly Academy to help them get the industry credentials they need to land employment. It’s incredible that CMA is recognizing that not all students may go down the traditional post-secondary education route. This inclusive opportunity ensures that those who went right into a career focussed education route can also continue to develop their educational opportunities.” Darian Kovacs CM, Founding Partner, Jelly Marketing Academy

“Our collaboration with Jelly Academy is one more step toward introducing a diverse and talented group of marketers from across Canada and across industry sectors to the CM designation program. I look forward to watching  the profession become stronger and more inclusive through the impact this group will have as they build and apply the knowledge they gain.” Sartaj Sarkaria, Acting Chief Operating Officer, Chief Diversity Officer & Chief of Staff, Canadian Marketing Association


*Additional requirements must be met prior to being accepted into the CM program.



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