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  • Explore critical functions and how marketing delivers on business objectives.
  • Learn from a team, comprised of instructors and experienced marketers, across numerous industries, leveraging their expertise to develop in-demand skills.
  • Apply learning directly on the job as you progress through the program with real world content, examples, and case studies.
  • Access the curriculum and resources through D2L Brightspace, an engaging, intuitive online learning platform available on-demand throughout the program.
  • Grow your professional network with like-minded marketers to support your career advancement goals through exclusive professional development opportunities.

Community Building

Existing and new Chartered Marketers (CMs) share real-world, real-life marketing perspectives and experiences through exclusive CM events. Continuing professional development opportunities are held throughout the year including Masterclasses, Townhalls, and Lunch and Learns exclusive to CM participants and designation holders free of charge. These provide the opportunity to maintain and solidify connections with the marketing community and remain on the cutting edge of current trends.

Program Design

The CM program empowers participants to combine data-driven decision-making with their creative talents to enhance their skill set and develop into strong, well-rounded marketing leaders.


After listening to feedback from CM holders and participants, we’ve redesigned the Chartered Marketer program to allow anyone to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Now, participants can choose how their journey unfolds and customize their experience to learn what they want and when, from start to finish.


To remove barriers, participants can choose from a selection of courses and build toward earning their CM designation. In the redesigned Chartered Marketer program, participants are required to complete three *core courses plus an elective in any order with no restriction on how many courses you can take at once. Once complete, participants will apply to enrol in the final Summit course required to earn the CM designation.

*Participants who have completed a similar program at an accredited Canadian college or university, may be eligible for an exemption from a specific course. The CMA Learning team will review these instances on a case-by-case basis.

  • The CM programs core courses deliver comprehensive training in key areas of marketing such as strategic thinking, financial management, campaign development, and marketing technologies.
  • Designed to round out a participants knowledge base, a selection of specialized courses provide a deep dive into specific marketing disciplines such as Brand, Media and Insights.
  • The final requirement in the program is the Summit course where CM candidates engage in an individual and a group project that tests all prior learning by showcasing the participants strategic thinking and presentation skills.


Emphasis is placed on providing real-world materials that resonate with Canadian marketers and are appropriate to that experience. The curriculum is composed of content provided by instructors, brands, agencies and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). These include videos and audio optimized to increase participant engagement.


Success in today’s changing workplace landscape is dependent on power skills – the leadership and interpersonal skills that empower individuals to make impactful change. The CM program uses an integrated learning approach to coach candidates in developing their power skills. While personal reflection is integral, working in teams is also essential; the program allows CM participants to develop these skills while interacting with peers from different industries throughout Canada.

For additional program information and answers to your questions, please contact us.