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CM Benefits for Employers

  • Well-rounded marketer ready to apply learning to business cases
    • Fills any gaps/give a broad base of marketing knowledge
      • Especially given that many marketers early in their career have one expertise (eg copywriting, digital ad campaigns, social media marketing, etc)
    • Program has a business-application focus
      • Marketing is not in a silo from other parts of the business – it integrates, impacts and is impacted by the whole  
  • Applied course – CM program becomes applicable day 1
  • Do not have to pay all at once
    • The program is paid course-by-course, not as a lump sum investment
    • Can spread the cost of the program out over at least 2 years
  • Sponsorship can be shared (cost/responsibility)
    • Employers can sponsor all (100%) or part of the cost of the program (ex 50-50)
For additional program information and any questions please contact us.