Approved Post-Secondary Institutions

Graduates from these programs will have satisfied the education requirement for entrance to the CM program. Note, the education requirement is successful completion of a degree or diplomas from an accredited college or university plus two marketing courses or one marketing and one business course which is not limited to the listed institutions.

Jelly Academy

Completion of Jelly Academy’s six week Digital Marketing program, covering key areas of digital marketing and PR is recognized as fulfilling one of the prerequisite requirements for entry into the CM program.

Individuals who have completed the Jelly Academy’s seven week Digital Marketing program but have not graduated from an accredited Canadian university or college with a 2 or 3 year diploma or degree must also:

  • Complete the CMA’s on-demand Introduction to Canadian Marketing course, and
  • Engage in an interview with a member of the CMA Learning Committee or elect to submit an essay detailing their marketing interests and career aspirations for consideration.

Sheridan College

  • Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (all 5 streams)
  • Business Diploma (Marketing, Accounting, Finance, General, HR)
  • Business Administration Advanced Diploma (Marketing, Accounting, Finance, HR)
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications Diploma
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications Management Advanced Diploma
  • Advertising Account Management Graduate Certificate (with previous degree/diploma)
  • Marketing Management Graduate Certificate (with previous degree/diploma)