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A professional designation demonstrates you have achieved a standard of excellence and experience recognized by marketing professionals.

Earning your CM denotes recognition in the profession – not only as having earned the designation – but
as an individual committed to continued professional development throughout your career.

With your CM, you will:

  1. Build credibility and legitimacy with the use of the CM logo and/or CM letters following your name in your email signature, on business cards, LinkedIn and resumes.
  2. Showcase your CM designation with a personalized, signed certificate, suitable for framing.
  3. Leverage the Code of Conduct for Professional Marketers to elevate the quality of your work and meet the professions ethical standards.
  4. Amplify and profile your marketing thought leadership with dedicated CM hashtags #CMdesignation and #getyourCM on Instagram and Twitter.
  5. Contribute to the CM Spotlight Blog showcasing your CM journey and career highlights.
  6. Attend CMA’s affordable and best-in-class experiences and professional development offerings to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.
  7. Apply to judge the CMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award as a representative of the CM community in Canada.

Become a member of the CM community and develop your marketing talent today!