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26 Apr

In her CM Snapshot, Mariia Tiuliupova discusses how her passion and relentlessness have led her to continually upgrade her knowledge and skills and how the DMSC Chartered Marketer program has everything a marketer needs all in one place. 

Still Searching

After fleeing the war in Ukraine two years ago, I secured my first job at an IT company specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) consulting. Unfortunately, a shift in business priorities in less than a year eliminated my role. In 2023, to leverage my skills and experience, I completed twenty educational events, from courses and workshops to conferences and webinars, to learn more about Canadian culture, the labour market, and the nuances of the local marketing industry. I’m still seeking a role with a master’s degree in marketing, 15 years of experience, and certifications in Google Ads, Analytics, and Digital Marketing from HubSpot.

A Key Step

The Chartered Marketer scholarship program is a perfect fit for my goals. It offers a unique opportunity to delve into the nuances of Canadian marketing, gain insights specific to this market, obtain job search assistance, and increase networking opportunities, which are valuable for me as a newcomer. Earning the Chartered Marketer designation will be a key step toward establishing my credibility as a marketing professional in Canada.

Solidifying Understanding

It’s been quite challenging for me as a non-native speaker, but it’s also been a valuable learning experience. I have focused on using online translation tools and creating flashcards to solidify my understanding. I know mastering the English language is crucial for me to establish myself as a professional in the Canadian landscape.

All in One Place

The most insightful course was Compliance for Marketers, which I believe will benefit all newcomers working in the field. This course uncovered the regulatory subtleties of communicating with specific target audiences in Canada including rules addressing people with disabilities, children, and teenagers. The Media course revealed significant differences in how Canadians and Ukrainians consume media, particularly in terms of reach, credibility, target audience, and efficiency of specific channels. I am confident I will be able to achieve high-performance results in Canadian advertising, armed with this knowledge, and statistical data on media consumption across various channels in Canada. Overall, the program provides a wealth of well-structured and valuable information all in one place.

Honestly, Transparently, Professionally

My experience and education are relevant to the Canadian market, and I possess the knowledge and skillset to contribute to the success of organizations in Canada. The Chartered Marketer (CM) program has solidified my belief in honest and transparent marketing.

all in one place It is incredibly gratifying to see that the Code of Ethics & Standards of the Canadian Marketing Association closely aligns with my vision and reflects my values. Great marketing must stress integrity with a customer-centric approach and make it easy for people to find the products and services they need.

Mariia Tiuliupova
DMSC Chartered Marketer Participant




17 May
Blueprint for Success
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