Expertise and Commitment

05 Apr

In her CM Snapshot, Mame Serwah Saifah discusses how the Chartered Marketer scholarship through the DMSC is helping to sharpen her skills. Mame mentions her commitment to marketing, the attentiveness of the program staff, gaining actionable insights, and the fact that the DMSC celebrates non-Canadian marketing experiences.

Expertise and Commitment

I pursued the Chartered Marketer designation because I recognize the importance of demonstrating expertise and commitment to marketing. The curriculum is practical and updated with next-generation knowledge that will help propel marketing professionals forward in our respective industries.

Perfect Launchpad

I applied for the Chartered Marketer scholarship through the DMSC program because it’s a unique opportunity to sharpen my digital marketing skills in an increasingly digitized world. The DMSC’s diverse case studies are the perfect launchpad to transition from my extensive experience in CPG from Ghana, South Africa, and Canada to the technology or financial services industry.

Coordinators, Instructors, Mentors

Since the program is an online self-guided course, it can feel lonely on this journey. Fortunately, coordinators, instructors and mentors are always available to provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.

Learn, Evolve, Embrace

In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, the pace of technological innovation and shifting consumer preferences requires marketers to constantly learn, evolve, and embrace change to stay relevant and effective. 

Actionable Insights 

This program has brought me the most value through its practical, real-world application of digital marketing concepts and strategies. From hands-on case studies and industry examples, I have gained actionable insights and skills to apply immediately to my professional endeavours. As a newcomer, the coaching and support I received from my mentor have been valuable in helping me navigate the Canadian professional landscape.

Adaptive Framework

Thanks to the DMSC program, my perspective of the Canadian marketing profession has broadened by exposing me to diverse platforms, resources, emerging trends, and innovative strategies. The program also celebrates non-Canadian marketing experience by providing a framework for learners to adapt their invaluable international marketing experiences to the Canadian market.

Long-Term Success

The DMSC program has positively impacted my career by equipping me with cutting-edge digital marketing skills, industry-recognized credentials, and a solid professional network. These assets have enhanced my marketability, opened the door to new opportunities, and positioned me for long-term success and leadership in the Canadian marketing profession.

Mame Serwah Saifah
DMSC Chartered Marketer Participant