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Blueprint for Success

17 May
blueprint for success

In her CM Snapshot, Anh Trinh‘s blueprint to success was her decision to pursue the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation to enhance her credibility, showcase her commitment to professional growth, and expand her career opportunities to enter digital marketing in Canada.

The Years Ahead

I decided to pursue the Chartered Marketer designation as it is Canada’s only recognized marketing designation. Acquiring my CM will add credibility to my professional marketing profile, demonstrate my commitment to continuous professional development, and open new opportunities for career advancement in the years ahead.

Trends, Case Studies, and Tools

As a newcomer with nine years of professional experience in media planning, the DMSC CM program will expand my skill set and ease my transition into digital marketing. The comprehensive training designed by the CMA and leading industry experts and educators will also equip me with the latest trends, case studies, and tools, giving me a competitive edge in the Canadian marketing landscape.

Elevating My Game

The main obstacle I have encountered is the limited networking opportunities since the program is online. I overcame this obstacle by participating in virtual networking and training events. Participating allowed me to elevate my marketing game and connect with industry leaders from multinational technology companies and professionals in other industries. The Emotional Intelligence soft-skill workshop from the CMA helped me stand out with essential intelligence tools but also provided me with opportunities to build meaningful professional connections.

The Four Components

The art of storytelling in developing compelling creative has become a central pillar of successful digital marketing strategies. Understanding the role of creativity in attracting, engaging, and retaining customers has reshaped my goal-setting approach. I have learned to prioritize the development of high-quality, relevant, timely-targeted, and valuable creative content that resonates with the target audience and reflects the four components of a story: a hero, an action, a moral, and a distinction.

Blueprint for Success


The program’s emphasis on practical, real-world application of digital marketing concepts has been invaluable. Interview sessions with industry experts and case studies from multinational and local Canadian companies and agencies have reinforced my understanding of digital marketing and equipped me with analytic and critical thinking skills to implement effective strategies. The DMSC program offers access to a wide range of resources, mentorship, and coaching provided by experienced marketing professionals, which empowers me to push forward to achieve my goals.

Agile, Adaptable and Future-Ready

The DMSC program has instilled a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation. Digital marketing is a dynamic field, and the CM program has provided me with the tools and motivation to stay current with the latest trends, strategies, tools, and technologies in the profession. This continuous learning perspective has changed my approach to my marketing career, making me more agile, adaptable, and future-ready.

Skilled and Qualified

blueprint for successPursuing the DMSC program has profoundly impacted my future career by enhancing my skill set. When I complete the program, the CM designation will enhance my credibility in the eyes of employers, clients, and peers, opening new opportunities for career advancement and ensuring a smooth transition into the Canadian marketing profession.

Anh Trinh
DMSC Chartered Marketer Participant