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Chartered Marketer is the exclusive designation of a Canadian marketing professional, established by the authoritative voice in marketing in Canada – the CMA.

It’s the one marketing designation recognized by employers across the country. But that’s only the starting point – the benefits of the CM extend far beyond the two initials at the end of your name. It places you in a network of CMs and CM instructors who are themselves helping steer our profession through continual change.

Key Benefits of the Chartered Marketer Program

Diversify your perspectives by learning from experienced marketers, instructors, and peers from various industries across the country.
Challenge your marketing expertise and build confidence, while applying what you’ve learned in your current role.
Build and strengthen your professional network alongside Canadian marketers who set out to achieve their highest potential.

A key milestone for the profession – and you.

In the past, it was impossible to identify the marketing leader from the journeyman. Both have a depth of experience, but only the Chartered Marketer has gained a unique perspective on the edges of innovation and changes in our profession.

CM elevates you to the next level

CM is the stepping stone you need to advance your marketing career. It will plug you into new ways of working and new opportunities. You’ve already invested in your marketing career. Now is the time to level up, showcase your skills on a wider stage, and invest in yourself.

I have become a lot more aware of industry trends, organizational structure in marketing departments, and the importance of not just focusing on marketing tactics, but the overall health of the business.

The CM program gave me the opportunity to know marketing from a 360° view, so I can be more confident to stand in front of my other marketing partners and speak in their “language” for an efficient and effective communication.

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