Get Your CM

How to Apply for the Chartered Marketer Program

  • Step 1

    Check eligibility criteria

  • Step 2

    Download, complete, save and submit the CM Program Application Form to

  • Step 3

    Provide payment information for the non-refundable application fee ($200)

  • Step 4

    Request and submit a copy of your official academic transcript for your degree/diploma (and prerequisite course credit, if not the same as degree/diploma in cases of continuing education)

Once you have submitted your application, CMA will send you 2 confirmation emails:

1. Confirmation on application & fee received.*
2. Confirmation of transcript received & details on application status and next steps.

*Once payment for your application is received, you can be enrolled into the prep course. However, to move forward to Applied Marketing Core 1 (starting January 21, 2019), CMA must have your official transcript on file. See all program dates. 

For additional program information and any questions please contact